Now You Can COCO Anywhere!

The CoCo is the easily the best 8-Bit computer of all time, and don’t you wish you could CoCo anywhere.  Well now you can with the the help of Porta

Best of all you do not have to make a single modification to your amazing original CoCo case.

The Porta CoCo Project launched to the Public at CoCoFest 2023 in Chicago and was very positively received by all who viewed them. From the feedback received Phase 2 of development has been initiated with a primary Focus placed on finalizing a production model of the WireFREE CoCo 3 project.

Breaking NEWS: We’re very excited to ANNOUNCE that the WireFREE CoCo 3 will be available for purchase at CoCoFest 2024 this year on May 4th and 5th, 2024.

Visit for more details on CocoFest 2024, don’t miss this amazing event to see the Porta CoCo in action.

Further development has also been occurring on fabricating a portable monitor solution, as well as a PocketCoCo model as well.  More details on these two additional models will be shared at CoCo Fest 2024.

WireFree CoCo 3

Tired of being stuck at your desk held back by your monitor and power cords.  Enjoy complete freedom to move around your home/office with the ultimate CoCo 3 Upgrade.  Enjoy wireless HDMI video output and 7+ hours of battery life.  Completely case friendly, no case modification required.  Live the WireFREE lifestyle today and purchase your very own at CocoFest 2024!!

Porta CoCo OG

Anyone can own a CoCo 2 but there is only one Porta CoCo OG.  The Porta CoCo OG takes the stock CoCo 2 and then turns it up to 11, by fully running off a Ryobi ONE+ Battery Pack, featuring an upgraded 6309 processor, improved CoCoDV HDMI Output, Internal Drive Wirelessly and Wifi Modem Support, Internal Drivewire, and 11″ HD Screen. The OG is the first fully portable and battery powered CoCo that has ZERO case modifications and can be completely reverted back to stock.